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TouchClean™ Anti Bacterial Finish


TouchClean™ Anti Bacterial Finish

TouchClean™ contains TiO2 in nano powder form which has photocatlytic properties. UV light causes excitation of the TiO2 and water (vapour) is broken down to form hydroxyl radicals and free oxygen radicals. These are a powerful combination and break down any passing organic material into carbon dioxide and water.

TouchClean™ DiagramClick to enlargeThe coating is based on Anatase TiO2 (titanium dioxide). It is in the form of a "nano" powder. The particles are extremely small (around 8nm or 8x10-9 metres or 8 millionths of a millimetre. The coatings are extremely thin at about 1Ám or 1 thousandths of a millimetre.

The most important thing to note is that the coating is acting as a catalyst and is unchanged by the process. Unlike other systems which rely on slowly releasing substances, such as silver ions, from a coating, a catalyst is always available irrespective of the amount of contamination. Additionally, TouchClean™ not only kills the bacteria but decomposes them into substances that vapourise harmlessly away.